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Classifieds facility on EasyAdz.lk (EA) is free and was established for the use of EA members as a means of selling, trading or swapping their items and services.

The success of the EA site has led to an enormous number of advertisements being placed, many by commercial establishments. These administrations have been and are still borne providing they don't overflow the site with their Advertisements to the detriment of genuine EA members. We will be introduced Premium Classifieds for businesses wishing to advertise their products. Click here for details.

Here are the general rules that need to be followed:

All Advertisements selling a service, advertising property or selling goods that are posted on EA must be accompanied by a valid Sri Lankan telephone number and prices shown in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR). Those without valid numbers or advertised in other currencies will be deleted.

Guidelines for Property Classifieds:

Each Property should be posted under the right category, EA owners, moderators and administration reserve the right to make changes to the Ad category without prior warning or subsequent justification.