EASYADZ.LK™ is a classifieds e-platform which is dedicated for publish clasified ads and facilitate for promote your Business. Simply, this is a 2 in 1 facility e-Platform where provided equal opportunities to the Sri Lankan community and the entrepreneurs in which for buy and sell day-to-day products and promote the goods & services simultaneously.

The newly introduced “Business Directory” enables you to process searches by industry, company names, location, etc. Further, EASYADZ.LK™ Business Directory enables you to find local companies in Sri Lanka. It also offers you the best opportunities for online advertisement and directory advertisement. The easyadz.lk Business Directory is part of an effort to improve the orientation of the private sector in the market by ensuring their competitiveness regionally and globally, as well as to address a number of essential service shortcomings through technology in the market so that the public and private sectors can find the best service providers and products.

The EASYADZ.LK™ Business Directory compiles a database of companies spreaded islandwide that enable the local community to select companies that best suit their needs. It also allows for a better understanding of the digital landscape of Sri Lanka. The directory has a fast search feature where users can search for companies, services and products. In addition to advanced search features, users can review a list of all companies. This service is easily accessible as a result of a series of research and development procedures. You can feel the international experience.

Features in Brief

Features adding with this new function.

  • Customer can search any business with the business type, business name, business address, district, and city or from the services that business provides.
  • Business owner can add their services provided by the business, and other business details.

Benefits for customers

  • Customer can simply find any business with their needs (search businesses by customer’s necessities “house building services…printing services etc…”)

Benefits for Business owners

  • Business owners can promote their businesses easily than ever. All the businesses are listed in the easyadz.lk platform and leads for the business can be increased. Business owner can add their products or services (part from advertisements in easyadz.lk) in the business page. So, customers can easily find any product or a service they are searching for.

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