Sri Lanka has been awarded the best country in the world to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet, almost ten years after the ending of its civil war. The South-Asian island was picked for the top place in the guidebook publisher’s annual Best in Travel awards thanks to better transportation links, new hotels, and a growing variety of activities. Tourist visits to Sri Lanka have increased dramatically since the end of the 26-year conflict, from 447,890 in 2009 to an all-time high of 2.1 million in 2018, a figure the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority hopes to double by 2020 (but the plan was affected by Covid-19 pandemic). As a support to the national plan this e-platform will be a pillar to our esteemed tourists.

Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress (image courtesy:

Sri Lanka, it may be said, has been hiding in plain sight. However, times have changed, and the country is rapidly progressing as more and more people become aware of its many attractions. Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and natural beauty are undoubtedly fascinating, lying between the more travelled areas of India and Southeast Asia. It’s the location you haven’t been yet but should.

The top ten best travel destinations in Sri Lanka are listed below.

  1. Colombo
  2. Kandy
  3. Ella
  4. Galle
  5. Nuwara-eliya
  6. Sigiriya
  7. Polonnaruwa
  8. Anuradhapura
  9. Yala national Park
  10. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Let’s see things to do in Sri Lanka and why you definitely should visit Sri Lanka

All of these locations we mentioned are within easy driving distance, for instance, you can be enjoying the lush greenery and experience the world known Ceylon tea up in the hills of Haputhale and be enjoying the wild-life filled with in elephants, leopards, sloth bears and many more in the very next day. Few sites in UNESCO World Heritage Sites are in Sri Lanka. Ancient places, whose famous temples boast gorgeous features even as they shelter in caves or hang on towering hills, showcase Sri Lanka’s 2000-plus years of culture.

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Then there’s the topic of the beaches. They surround the island, dazzling white and usually unpopulated, so no matter where you walk, you’ll be near a sandy treasure. If you can avoid the inevitable languor, you’ll be able to surf and dive world-class spots without having to deal with world-class crowds. And something completely fresh is always just a short distance away.

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Hotels & Resorts category is significantly introduced online facility to the hotel sector of Sri Lanka. The hotel stream has become competitive after the ending of the 30-year civil war since peace has triumphed, and the country is undergoing significant growth in the arrivals in international travel & tourism. However, prior to 2009, the country faced a long and sleeping period where the tourism industry came virtually to a cessation. Sri Lanka is a country that is remarkably positioned in the Indian ocean; as a medium sized island, the country has the potential to attract tourists, due to the plentiful attractive landscapes it offers in terms of geographical diversity, a rich cultural heritage, hospitality features, developed infrastructure features etc. Anyone can be easily browsed the hotel features and facilities via this e-platform.

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