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Added by Silkroute Holdings (Pvt) Ltd at 10:43:19 am 2022-09-19 | Colombo, Kohuwala | Ad Ref #18075

Ceylon Premium Spices

Dear Connections,

Good day to you all!

We are writing this post to introduce our company Ceylon Especias Agro (Pvt) Ltd which deals in the manufacture and supply of Ceylon premium spices in wholesale and retail, such as Ceylon True Cinnamon, Ceylon Black Pepper, Ceylon White Pepper, Ceylon Cardamom, Ceylon Cloves, Ceylon Nutmeg & Mace etc. We take pride in providing premium quality, natural and best products at the most economical prices. For further discussions and to get samples of our premium products, please contact us.

WhatsApp : +94 742 44 77 78
Email : hello@ceylonespecias.com
Website: www.ceylonespecias.com

Colombo, Kohuwala

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