Due to the recent import ban imposed on vehicles in Sri Lanka the prices of used cars have skyrocketed. If you could say that the prices were doubled during this time you wouldn’t be wrong. A used Toyota Premio Price is now reached Rs. 200 lakh mark.

If your buying cars at this price it would be a greater investment than ever before! You need to be extra cautious when buying cars at this time. Today we are bringing you top 5 things to look for when you’re buying a car. How to identify whether it’s a ‘Minter’ or a ‘Lemon’.

  1. Check the history of the vehicle

Gather as much information as possible from the existing owner before doing your own investigation. Ask for the maintainance records of the vehicle. If there are A-Z maintainance records it’s a clear sign that the vehicle has been well looked out for. Check whether the services have been done in correct intevals.

2. Check the CR (BOOK) of the vehicle

The CR or the Book of the vehicle is given to a vehicle when its first registered in the Department of Motor Traffic Sri Lanka. There are few things you should look for in the CR of the vehicle.

  • Check and verify engine and chassis numbers match with the vehicle.
  • Check and verify the vehicle make and model match with the vehicle.
  • Check Vehicle and verify color with the book,
  • Check whether it’s an original book or duplicate one. (Duplicate book is issued when the original book is lost).
  • Check for any special conditions mentioned in the vehicle.
  • If there’s anything suspicious don’t hesitate to call the RMV (DMT) and confirm the details.

3. Check the exterior of the vehicle

Take a look around the vehicle, looking for abnormal panel gaps, faded paint, bubbles, rust spots or areas where the paint is different. If it’s an old car it’s normal to have a bit of body work done to the car.

You should inspect as much of the vehicle as possible, including the outside, underside, and, if feasible, inside. Old repairs aren’t always a terrible thing, as long as they’ve been done correctly. They can even assist in the creation of a picture of the car’s history.

Pay special attention to the front and rear of the car, as this is where low-speed shunts often occur. Raise the carpet in the boot. The panels below should be smooth and devoid of ripples. Underneath the hood, bent panels may suggest a past front-end collision.

4. Check the mechanical components of the car

Any vehicle’s engine is the most crucial component. Pop the hood and physically check the engine for fluid leaks, rust, and damaged hoses and belts with the car switched off. Check for discoloration on the oil and transmission dipsticks; oil should be light brown, and transmission fluid should be pink or red.

5. Check the mileage is correct

Most Sri Lankan car resellers tamper with the car mileage to make it look newer than it should be. In the first instance, we recommend that you verify if your car has been tampered  using these simple steps:

What is the general wear and tear like for such a low mileage vehicle?

Do the rubbers on the pedals, the steering wheel, or the gear knob appear to be newer than the rest of the car?

Check the tyres and the manufacturers date. Whether they match with the mileage readings.

Do the numbers on the odometer line up appropriately on older automobiles (not relevant on digital displays)?

We would strongly recommend you to go and get a vehicle inspection report done. You can go to the Authorized dealer of your car’s brand and get an inspection report or a you could head to Car checks and get a complete inspection report done. This small amount would guarantee to save you from very big trouble in the future.


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