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EasyAdz Help Desk

Payment & Promotions

Are Ads on EasyAdz Free?

There's a lot you can do for free on EasyAdz. Post an ad, send a message, sell your item, or apply for a job. All without putting your hand in your pocket.

Estimating Promotion Costs

Feature prices can change on an ad-by-ad basis. The amount depends on:

  1. whether you're posting as a private individual or a business
  2. the category you're posting in

Get an accurate quote for your ad every time by starting to create your ad. You'll see fees clearly advertised and added up before you check out, so you never get an unexpected charge. You can cancel the purchase if you're not okay with the price.

Business user?

As a business user, you'll probably find you can save money with a business account - and get a whole lot more, with your own account manager, tailor-made packages and so on. Find out more and start saving today (applicable in future).