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EasyAdz Safe


Trading During COVID-19

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. Considering the current outbreak of COVID-19 we impulse everybody to follow the Government's advice and maintain social distancing. But we can support each other. This e-Platform is a valuable place for communities to access useful online services, to find work from home jobs or essential roles and enables people to support each other through the Jobs category.

It is important to remember that EasyAdz.Lk is more than just a place to buy and sell goods and was founded on the principles of serving and linking the Sri Lankan community. A local support network has never been so important, and we remain committed to helping people help each other in a safe way. How you can help:

  • Support your community
  • Be the good in your neighborhood
  • Supporting Crisis "In this together" Emergency Appeal
  • We are in this together
  • Respect your community